Radiation-Resistant Pressure Converters and Alarms

PDA-RS, PDI-RS, PDD-RS radiation-resistant pressure converters are designed to measure absolute, excessive and differential pressure of the monitored environments with generation of output signals corresponding to the pressure being measured.

SDA-RS, SDI-RS, SDD-RS radiation-resistant pressure alarms are designed to achieve the specified value of the parameter being monitored.

Pressure converters and alarms include a primary converter for the pressure measurement and a secondary converter.

Field of application – systems for automated monitoring of parameters of nuclear power propulsion of surface ships and submarines.

At present PDSK.406239.001TU radiation-resistant pressure converters and PDSK.406428.001TU radiation-resistant pressure alarms (for excessive, absolute and differential pressure) are under modernization to provide group installation of secondary converters at the operation site.

Product names:

  • PDA-RS-G (SDA-RS-G) – group absolute pressure converter (alarm);
  • РDI-RS-G (SDI-RS-G) – group excessive pressure converter (alarm);
  • PDD-RS-G (SDD-RS-G) – group differential pressure converter (alarm).

Delivery package of a group pressure converter (alarm) includes:

  • primary converter for the pressure measurement;
  • group secondary converter;
  • read-only memory module.

Pressure converters and alarms replace sensors and alarms of 44DI, DA, DD series.

Certificate of confirmation of the measuring devices type RU.С.30.018.B № 54839 as of 18.04.2014.

Period of validity – up to 16.04.2019.

Registration number 57133-14.

Form – C-series № 012868.

Group secondary converters provide the following output signals:

  • Direct current (4—20 mA);
  • DC voltage (0—10 V);
  • Digital signal interface RS-485;
  • Relay output signal (for alarms).

The body of group secondary converters can be delivered separately or with group secondary converters as per order.

The body of group secondary converters is made in the form of a unit in two designs:

  • for the installation of 4 group secondary converters;
  • for the installation of 8 group secondary converters.

The body design of group secondary converters ensures the following connections to each group secondary converter separately:

  • power circuits;
  • communication links;
  • primary converter for the pressure measurement
  • read-only memory module.

Main specifications

Upper limits of the pressure measured:
absolute pressure 0.1; 1; 1.6; 2.5; 4; 6; 10; 16; 25; 40 MPa
excessive pressure 0.1; 1; 1.6; 2.5; 4; 6; 10; 16; 25; 40 MPa
differential pressure 6.3; 10; 16; 25; 40; 63 kPa 0.1; 0.16; 0.25; 0.4; 0.63; 1; 1.6; 2.5 MPa (under maximum permissible operating excessive pressure of up to 25 MPa)
Maximum permissible errors for converters ±0.75%
Monitored environments:
steam 0–350 °С
nitrogen 0–330 °С
воздух –40 ÷ +100 °С
condensate 0–100 °С
high purity water 0–350 °С
Air environment conditions:
temperature –2 ÷ +55 °С
relative humidity up to 100% (with the presence of sea water and oil vapour)
absolute pressure 0.08–0.4 MPa (with the presence of sea water and oil vapour)
Power supply conditions:
Direct current voltage 18–34 V
Alternating current voltage 154–264 V 50 or 400 Hz
Digital signal interface RS-485
Output signals of:
Direct current (load resistance not more than 500 Ohm) 4–20 mА
DC voltage (load resistance not more than 2—100 kOhm) 0–10 V
Digital signal interface RS-485
Relay output signal voltage free contact (for pressure alarms)