Science activity

Real time computing systems Base Department No.232 of MIREA Moscow State Technical University

The department was established in 1970. Evgeny Novikov, professor, D.Eng.Sc., honourable member of the higher school of the Russian Federation, is the Chairman.

The base department performs preparation of bachelors in Informatics and Computing machinery (code 230100.62), master in Information Systems and Technologies (code 230400.68) and postgraduate students in Computers, Systems and Computer Networks (code 05.13.15).

Base department annually gets supported places for preparation of bachelors, masters and postgraduate students.

There three modes of study in base department: full-time, part-time, evening courses.

Postgraduate education

Postgraduate education is performed in accordance with the Federal Education and Science Supervision Service license for educational activities No. 0926 dated 10.01.2014 of the following specializations:

05.13.01 System analysis, control and data processing;

05.13.11 Mathware and software of computers, systems and computer networks.

Mode of study – part-time education.

Postgraduate admission procedures

Postgraduate admission is granted to persons with higher education on a competitive basis.

Admission of documents for postgraduate education is performed annually from June 1 to July 28.

List of the documents to be applied:

  1. Application
  2. Personnel record card
  3. Copy of Diploma of Higher Education with supplements
  4. Abstract and list of the published research papers (if any)
  5. Two photos 3x4
  6. Testimonial and reference from the place of work
  7. Copy of passport

Entrance examination is conducted annually from August 1.