Floor Meter Distribution Board Frame

Floor Meter Distribution Board Frame is designed for further assembly of distribution boards used for routing, accounting, distribution and protection of group supply lines of flats in apartment houses. The frame is mounted into floor alcoves of apartment houses (on stairway landings, in hallways), then it is connected to a three-phase five-wire supply mains.

Shit Etagn 02

The frame includes metal cabinet that has high mechanical and fire resistance and three separated sections with drawback locks:

  • „entry and meter section with entry fixtures, electricity meters and load-break switches for flat isolation from central mains;
  • distribution and group section with DIN rails to mount additional automatic circuit-breakers and residual current devices that provide protection for group lines in each flat;
  • low-current section designed for installation of radio broadcasting and television networks, telephone lines, fire and security alarm lines, house intercoms and video surveillance networks, etc.

Main specifications

Alcove dimensions for the frame

950×900×150 mm


1010×940×160 mm


not more than 30 kg