PD-M Pressure Converters

PD-M Pressure Converters are designed for measurement of absolute, excessive and differential pressure of the monitored environmental conditions and for generation of unified output signals corresponding to the measured pressure.

The pressure converters are characterised by a monoblock structure.

Scope of application: automatic monitoring and control systems of surface ships and submarines.

Main specifications

Measurement ranges:
absolute pressure 0.04—60 MPa
excessive pressure 0.04—60 MPa
Differential pressure:
at maximum permissible operating excessive pressure of 0.3 MPa 1 kPa
at maximum permissible operating excessive pressure of up to 25 MPa 6.3 kPa — 2.5 MPa
Maximum permissible intrinsic fiducial error ±1%
Measured environment parameters:
overcritical bidistillate 0–550 °С
undercritical bidistillate 0–360 °С
bidistillate, distillate, condensate 0–100 °С
steam 0–520 °С
hydrogen, carbon dioxide, electrolysis hydrogen 0–120 °С
nitrogen 0–330 °С
electrolysis oxygen, indoor air 0–50 °С
oil, fuel, mazut 0–150 °С
kerosene, benzine, diesel oil 5–50 °С
special fuel 5–50 °С
helium –40 ÷ +550 °С
pure air –40 ÷ +100 °С
oxygen –40 ÷ +350 °С
air with seawater, acid, alkali and aerosol vapour –40 ÷ +50 °С
seawater –4 ÷ +100 °С
combustion gases 100–400 °С
diesel oil combustion products up to 700 °С
freon not more than 50 °С
mixture (2.5%) Н2, СО, СО2, N2, О2; methanol vapour and vapour of 15% monoethanol-ethylenediamide water solution, methanol 0–120 °С
boric acid solution with maximum concentration of up to 35 g/l 20–100 °С
Output signals:
of direct current with load resistance not more than 500 Ω 4–20 mА
of direct current voltage with load resistance from 2 to 100 Ω 0–10 V
digital signal via RS-485 interface
Temperature 5–60 °С
Relative humidity up to 100%
Direct current voltage 18–32 V
Feed circuit power consumption 3 W
Test circuit power consumption 0.3 W