MAGISTR Ophthalmic Equipment Stand

Magistr Magnetotherapy Ophthalmic Equipment Stand is designed for treating of a wide range of ophthalmological diseases.

The following is protected by granted and pending patents:„

  • retrobulbar space catherization method;
  • treatment methods:
    • „for multiple sclerosis (pending application № 2002 130809/20 dated 19.11.2002);
    • central chorioretinal dystrophy (Russian Federation patent № 2217112 dated 26.09.2001);
    • haemophtalmia of various origin (Russian Federation paten № 216550);
    • retinal phlebothrombosis.

Magistr equipment also ensures monitoring of physiological factors (pressure, pulse, temperature, etc.), recording and archiving of procedure parameters, as well as automatic generation of application statistics.

Main specifications

Magnetic field

plane-parallel (in two mutually perpendicular directions)


50 Hz

Magnetic induction

3–15 mT

Treatment chamber diameter

300 mm

Treatment chamber height

200 mm

Power supply source

IGBT-based static converter