Control System for All Types of Autoclaves

IMAE.421415 control system as a part of autoclave provides:

  • data reception from control device;
  • data reception from pressure and resistive temperature transducer;
  • reception of data on the state of relay sensors mounted on pneumatic actuators of globe valves, as well as limit switches of the lid and the catch;
  • storage of up to 20 sterilization technological programs in the memory of control device;
  • sterilization mode;
  • mode for test checks of equipment;
  • temperature control range of the operating environment from 30 to 135 °С in case of vertical autoclave and up to 130 °С in case of horizontal autoclave, and not more than ±1 °С deviation of the average temperature value of the operating environment in the inspection point of autoclave relative to the set value during sterilization;
  • pressure control range of the operating environment from 0 to 0.35 MPa and not more than 0.02 MPa pressure deviation from the set value during sterilization or at the beginning of cooling;
  • not more than 1 s deviation of heating, sterilization and cooling time (for each time period).

Сonfiguration of control system:

  • IMAE.422411.006 control device;
  • ASTRA-R, DISK-250, OVEN TRM201 measuring and recording equipment (with output for PC) or others defined by the customer;
  • pneumatic module unit;
  • pressure transducer;
  • TS065-100MS3.200 impedance transformer;
  • limit switches on the lid of autoclave;
  • global valves with pneumatic actuator with handwheels or others defined by the customer.

Main specifications

Power supply voltage 220 V 50 Hz
Power consumption not more than 250 VA
Air pressure for system supply 0.37-0.61 МPа
Characteristics of air for system supply not higher than 13-14 contamination classes as per GOST 17433-80
Ambient temperature 1-35 °С
Relative humidity 80% at 25 °С temperature
Insulation resistance between electrically not connected circuits and bodies of the system complex items at normal climatic conditions not less than 20 MΩ
Service life of control system 8 years
Lifetime of control system 10 years