МАК-01 Control Equipment

MAK-01 Equipment is designed for neutronic parameters control of nuclear installations in order to increase safety of works performed during operation, core loading and refuelling, physical launch and potentially hazardous works in the course of shipbuilding and reactor refuelling.

In accordance with the nuclear security regulations, the system includes two independent neutron flux control channels.

The equipment delivery set:

  • preprocessing unit – 2;
  • detecting device on the basis of shielded ionization fission chambers – 2;
  • audible warning device – 2;
  • industrial EC1866 notebook – 1.

The equipment ensures:

  • processing and imaging of data on neutron flux levels through two counting channels;
  • measurement of pulse counting rate proportional to density of the neutron flux, within the range from 0.1 to 5.0x106 pulses per second;
  • measurement of pulse counting rate doubling period within the range from 5.0 s to ∞;
  • generation of sound signals proportional to counting rates in clicking-type audible warning devices;
  • signal generation of emergency and prealarm settings by counting rate 3х101, 102, 3х102, 103, 3х103, 10, 3х104, 105, 106 pulses per second) and by pulse counting rate doubling period (5, 10, 50 s);
  • continuous equipment operability control (self-diagnostics).

Measuring channels of the equipment neutron flux are qualified as measuring instruments.