Multifunction Control System (MFCS)

MSK Multifunction Control System (MFCS) is designed for the measurement of temperature, pressure, consumption, concentration, etc., which is also performed by the corresponding primary converters (not included in the system).

The system comprises devices of two levels: switch and alarm units (BKS) performing collection of data from primary converters (sensors) and secondary converters (PV-01) performing display of monitored and diagnostic information in various modes and control of system operating modes.

The system allows connecting more than 36 sensors with all types of output signals, processing and visualising the received data on the display unit, turning on warning lights. It also ensures exchange with adjacent systems through digital interfaces.

The system is an all-purpose interface between digital interfaces of the upper-level system, on the one hand, and sensors and actuating mechanisms of shipborne equipment, on the other hand.

The input/output module set connected to a specific object of control makes up a data collection and processing subsystem, i.e. a BKS unit. Such a unit can be mounted in the immediate vicinity of the object of control, which allows reducing the length of connecting wires, simplifying the equipment installations, as well as obviating the need for use of patchpanels.

The system power supply is provided from the alternating-current mains with voltage of 220 V and frequency of 50 or 400 Hz. The maximum power consumption of one BKS unit amounts to 40 VA.

The system is designed on the basis of the modular concept, which provides ample possibilities of modernisation by replacing the necessary function modules, and the possibility of supply in different configurations individually for each order.

The system is qualified as a military measuring instrument, which substantially increases the control reliability of technical parameters of objects.

Depending on the order terms, the system can perform reception and processing of measuring data from various primary converters (up to 360 sources).


A system with input signals ranges different from the above-mentioned ones can be manufactured on a special request.

When working with converters with a unified output signal, it is possible to calibrate physical quantities values in physical units specified in the order.

MSK system functionally replaces the automated temperature control system (SAKT) and the K140-series devices (country of origin – Ukraine).

RU.С.31.018.B Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments Type No. 52789 as of 25/10/2013. Effective period: until 21/10/2018. Registration number: 55298-13. Form: series SI No. 012273i.

Embodiments of the system have the following distinctive characteristics:

  • type and range of input signals;
  • setting values;
  • number of measurement channels;
  • software.

Main specifications

The system input data are to be the unified signals from primary converters received in the form of:

direct electric current voltage 0–10 V
direct electric current strength 4–20 mА
resistance of resistive temperature transducers types 100 P, 50 P as per GOST R 8.625-2006
digital interface RS-485

List and ranges of ir system input signals:

direct current voltage 0–10 V
direct current strength 4–20 mА
resistance thermometers of 50 P-type –170 ÷ +110, 0–110, 0–55, 0–75, 0–300 °С
resistance thermometers of 100 P-type 0–75, 0–100, 0–140, 0–205, 200–500, 0–300, 0–500 °С



Dimenions, not more than

311×227×110 mm

198×181×66 mm

Ambient temperature

–20 ÷ +60 °С

Realative humidity

up to 80% at 50 °С

Ambient pressure

80–294 kPa

Power consumption

40 VA

Supply voltage

220 V 50, 400 Hz