Control Equipment

Control equipment is designed for wide-range control of nuclear power facility physical parameters (counting rate measurement of current pulses and amount, which are proportional to neutron power, reactivity).

The equipment generates signals for effective emergency protection of nuclear power facility by reactivity signal starting with the 10-7% power level of Nnom.

Along with pulse measurement channel and control and defence system of nuclear power facility the equipment provides automatic startup of ship nuclear power facility from subcritical state, which takes from 1 to 15 minutes with initial power level (from 2 to 5) 10-8 % of Nnom.

The equipment ensures:

  • collection and processing of neutron flux level data in four pulse-counting and current channels;
  • reactivity measurement in sub-critical reactor;
  • application of correction by source in subcritical reactor and subsequent reactivity control;
  • averaging of current reactivity value.

Main cpecifications

Reactivity control range:
in pulse mode within counting rate range from 1х103 to 1х106 PPS
in current mode within current range from 1х10-8 to 1х10-3 A
in pulse current mode within input signal range from 1х103 PPS (pulse mode) to 1х10-3 А (current mode)
Reactivity measurement range –25 ÷ +0.9 ρ/βeff with 0.0001 ρ/βeff resolution
Maximum permissible intrinsic reactivity measurement error under normal conditions not more than ±5%

For counting rate less than 1х103 PPS intrinsic error is not normalized.