AGK Horizontal Autoclaves

AGK stainless steel horizontal dual-chamber (three and more chambers) autoclaves with microprocessor control system and bayonet lock are designed for sterilization of food and pharmaceutical products performed with the help of thermal (up to 150 °С) and overpressure processing.

The system is equipped with heat exchanger, sprinkler and microprocessor control system, which ensure sterilization of products of various packaging types: metal, glass, plastic, foil-coated, etc. This is ensured by precise control of pressure and temperature, as well as maintaining uniform temperature field according to operator-defined mode. The system ensures processing of the following products:

  • dairy products in plastic bags, glass bottles and lamister packaging;
  • vegetables and mushrooms in jars (metal or glass), and in vacuum packaging;
  • meat, paste and sterilized dishes in various types of packaging;
  • canned fish;
  • other products in any type of hermetically sealed packaging.

Main specifications

Weight including accessories 2520 kg
Number of chambers 2
Chamber internal dimensions ±950×820×780 mm
Maximum operating temperature 150 °С
Temperature field non-uniformity during sterilizing process ±0.5 °С
Operating pressure 0.4 MPa
Pressure adjustment accuracy ±0.0049 MPa
Single-cycle consumption:
of cooling water not more than 1.2 м³
of steam not more than 180 м³
of pressurized air not more than 3 м³
of power not more than 5 kW/h
Total estimated lifetime not less than 15 years
Dimensions, mm:
closed 3750×2020×2100
opened 5000×2520×2100
closed 3900×2700×2100
opened 5150×3000×2100
closed 4000×2700×2100
opened 6500×3000×2100
closed 4790×2700×2100
opened 6040×3000×2100
closed 5000×2700×2100
opened 7500×3000×2100

Special features

  • More uniform temperature field within the autoclave chamber ensures higher level of sterilization quality.
  • Spiral dual-cycle heat exchanger is specifically designed (as opposed to such foreign analogues of heat exchangers as plate or tube types) to:
    • exclude water preparation procedures ensuring significant reduction of total operating costs;
    • provide closed-loop operation of cooling water ensuring water saving;
    • provide the highest performance coefficient of autoclaves of steam-water type.
  • Special form of sprinkler self-cleaning nozzles is designed for conversion of sprinkler water to steam ensuring increase of heat exchange rate inside of the autoclave.
  • Autoclave body, heat exchanger and piping are made of stainless steel ensuring increase of autoclave lifetime up to 20 years.
  • Autoclave design does not require registration of pressurized chamber in Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia (result of multiplication of pressure (kg/cm²) and volume (l) does not exceed 10000) — applicable only for dual-chamber autoclaves.
  • Simple deployment and servicing.